Do you travel? 

I am based in Kidderminster, I cover weddings all over the country. The extra travel costs will be incorporated in your quote so you have no surprises.

Are you insured?

Yes. I am fully insured. 'Thomas Drew Photography' has professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

Do you have back-up equipment? – just in case.

Yes. I always bring more than one camera, usually three. I always make sure I bring multiple charged batteries and additional memory cards, 'bring more than I need' is my policy.

How do you deal with low-light and/or bad weather conditions?

Essentially I use the best equipment (professional cameras, more importantly, using professional lenses) and even more importantly than that, as a professional photographer having the experience to adapt to these situations quickly as not to disrupt your day and to continue 'capturing every moment'.

How many shooter's do you bring to the wedding?

I work alone, this means I can control the quality of the work I produce. However, on some occasions I may have an assistant with me if the logistics of the day become complex. If a second photographer is required, please get in contact to discuss options.

Do you see us before our wedding? 

I prefer to meet you a few times before your big day to confirm the fine details and to get to know you both. I also like to visit your wedding location to check the venue in detail, to make your day flow as smooth as possible.

How far in advance do we need to book you for our wedding?

To avoid disappointment try to book at least 18 months before your big day. If you require short notice please get in contact with me to check availability.

Do we have to pay a deposit?

£250 non refundable deposit is required when booking. Full balance is due a minimum 30 days before your wedding date. Special arrangements can be made, please contact me to discuss.

What time do you arrive?

Always before I need to. Ideally I like to be there for your morning preparations, this helps me capture a complete collection of your special day.

Group photos?

Yes group photos are taken on request. However, it is to my taste that I take candid photos to prevent any discomfort on your special day

What about backup?

The safety and preservation of your photographs is critical. From capture to delivery to archiving, your photographs are always protected. Backup cameras, lenses, hard drives, computers. Everything. I am also fully insured.

Can others take photographs whilst you do?

Certainly, as long as you are comfortable I am doing my job. I only ask that they are respectful and not interfering whilst I am producing my best work. I also like to insist that whilst I am photographing the two of you, its just me shooting. Otherwise it can be distracting and make us all uncomfortable (awkward paparazzi moment).

I hate posing for pictures. Do I have to pose?

It's your day! I am there for you, In the consultation before the wedding you can let me know everything and if you just want natural photos then I am happy to provide this service.

How many photo's do you take?

This can vary from one event to the next due to many factors such as weather, duration of coverage etc. - However on average I shoot between 1000-2000 Images on the day and once I have edited all these photos I usually present 450-700 (half day coverage) and between 600-1000 (full day coverage). I aim to capture every moment.

How long will Thomas stay at the wedding?

That’s up to you. Generally from early preparations to after the speeches. If you just want Thomas available for the marriage service - that’s ok. 

I really want you to stay to the very end - will you?

I offer a bespoke service and adapt all my packages to your needs, any additional costs will be added to your quote so you have no surprises. 

Can I customize the package further?

Yes. If you give me appropriate notice I try to make anything possible. However, I will make additional charges based on the extras you require, this cost must be agreed upon before hand.

When do we see the photographs?

I aim to have your processed and edited images sent to you no later than 5 weeks after the event. This usually works well in regards to coming back off honeymoon so you have chance to settle down to the excitement of looking back at your big day.

Do you do videos?

I focus exclusively on still photography. If you require this service I am happy to refer a few select videographers.

Can friends and family view and buy images?

Yes and no. The photos will be password protected so you choose who can see them unless you distribute them through social media. However I give you the rights to make copies of your photos to your friends and family so they wont be charged.

Can I have the images on USB?

yes, all your images from your wedding day will be presented in this format. They’re your pictures so you can distribute copies to friends and family at your discretion . 

Can you make prints for us?

Of course, there is a huge difference between a print you make at your local printers, and those I can print for you. I leave the choice up to you. I can print professional quality photos at A3 size, any larger I can source form the photo lab I recommend based in Germany.

What happens if we loose the USB stick of the photos?

I always keep backups of the USB stick of your images for 3 months. This means that after this point I may not be able to provide a replacement copy of your images. It is vitally important you make multiple copies, which are kept in different locations, on different media sources in case of any eventuality.

What happens if your sick?

In the event that I am ill, I will endeavour to find an appropriate replacement photographer at no additional cost, if your not happy with my recommendation, I refund the entire amount to date. However, I would like to add I will be there cough or cold, I understand the importance of my performance on your wedding day. My preparations leading up to a wedding include keeping myself in good health and avoiding dangerous activities to mitigate any risk off being absent. The odds are not likely this will be required, it hasn't happened to any of my clients, that's not to say something won't happen to me or my loved ones in the future. But my dedication to my photography ensures I am photographing no matter what.