Thomas Drew

About Me

Writing about yourself is always a bit funny.

But, until we have a chance to sit down and actually get to know each other, here's a few things that you might like to know:

First things first, I LOVE what I do, making photographs and capturing moments brings joy in my life. 

I have lived in Kidderminster most of my life. I have a beautiful Wife whom I share a home with our dog called 'Caesar'.

I'm a self-taught photographer who discovered my passion through experimenting and independent study.

Running a business which I love means I am passionate about every client and giving them an excellent service.

When I am invited to photograph a Wedding I feel so blessed to be a part of it.

I feel its important that the type of client 'couple' who book me understand that for me this is not about the money,

its much more about capturing the moments together and absolutely loving the memories the photographs hold.

To explain my style I would say that;

I capture heartfelt, authentic, joyful memories for couples who are wild about each other, and about life.


If you took the time to view a few stories I've photographed, if you felt a connection then I'd truly love to tell a part of your story.


What kit do I use?


Canon Full Frame DSLR camera's


20mm F1.4 (The perfect wide low light light)

24-70mm F/2.8

50mm F/1.4 (Sharp and great for low light situations)

85mm F1.8

70-200mm F/2.8 



Raw Processing:  Adobe Lightroom 5

Editing:  Adobe Premier Elements 11